How to become a member of the Syndicate of Hospitals?

In order for a hospital to become a member of the Syndicate of Hospitals, the hospital representative is kindly asked to complete a membership application and to send it back to the syndicate with the requested documents.
You can download the application form directly from our website in the membership section or you can ask for a copy from the syndicate administration office.

Which hospitals are eligible for the Syndicate membership?

The syndicate includes all private medical institutions licensed to invest and meeting all the conditions specified in the Labor Law, and in the Decree No. 7993 of April 3, 1952 on the organization of syndicates and in the internal rules and regulations of the syndicate of hospitals.
Private Medical Institutions include:

- Specialized hospitals
- General/Acute care hospitals
- Long term hospitals
- Teaching hospitals

On what basis the annual dues are determined for each member hospital?
Annual dues are determined by the size of the organization.
For detailed information regarding annual dues, please contact the syndicate administration office.
Do board members represent all types of hospitals?
The syndicate is run by a board consisting of twelve members:
Six members for hospitals that are classified “type A” or its equivalent in the official accreditation of the Ministry of Public Health Five members for hospitals with other classification types One member for long term hospitals


The Syndicate of Hospitals vision is of a society of healthy populations where all individuals have access to a premium quality of healthcare services.


The mission of the Syndicate of Hospitals is to ensure high quality services to all individuals and to promote Lebanon as a referral center for tertiary health care in the Middle East. The syndicate represents and serves private hospitals, and works in partnership with stakeholders that are committed to improve and protect health.


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