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Date of Establishment 5-12-1991
Establisher Dr.Ali Abdul Sater
Chair Person Dr.Ali Abdul Sater
CEO Dr Ali Abdel Sater
Location Bekaa
Address Baalbeck-Charawina
Phone Number(s) 08-373682,08-372182
Fax 08-374182
Web Site
Accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health yes
Type of Care Offered Short Term Care
Number of Beds 59
Affiliation or Twinning of services
Laboratory Hematology, Blood Bank, Chemistry, Parasitology, Serogoly, Endocrinology, Bacteriology, Pathology,
Medical Imaging Services General Radiography, Functional Exploration, Mammography, Fluoroscopic Procedures, Ultrasound-Echography, Ultrasound / Obstetrical: Pregnancy, Ultrasound-Doppler: Vascular Duplex, Doppler Echocardiography, CT Scan, EKG, EEG, Cardiac Catheterization,
Others bronchoscopie - gastroscopie - ERCP
Services Available Internal medicine - surgery - OBGYN orthopedics - cardiologie - ICU - CCU - pediatrics - ENT - ophtalmologie - neurologie and neuro surgery

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