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Feb. 01, 2016
A candidate with a Business Administration degree and experience in Hospitals is looking for a job opportunity





Home address                                                     Mobile            : 50220160/9613447507

Lebanon                                                                Email              : TANNOUS_M@LIVE.COM

Zgharta, kfarhata                                                  Nationality     : Lebanese

                                                                              Birth Date      : 26 November 1987                                       

                                                                              Family Status: Single





University Saint-Joseph – Beirut-Lebanon


2005 – 2006 Lebanese Baccalaureates – Socio-Economics

Ecole Des Frères De La Salle - Kferyachit – Lebanon


Professional Experience



1/03/2015 till this date: Kuwait Federation Sport Shooting

Job Title:                        Procurement Manager

                                  (Reporting to CEO)




1/01/2012 - 01/09/2014: Hospital Saydet Zgharta (H.S.Z)-Lebanon

Job Title:                        Procurement Manager

                                  (Reporting to CEO)

Job description:

  • Develop, lead and execute procurement strategies.
  • Track and report key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness.
  • Craft negotiation strategies and close deals with optimal terms.
  • Forecast price and market trends to identify changes of balance in buyer-supplier.
  • Perform cost and scenario analysis and benchmarking.
  • Assess, manage and mitigate risks.
  • Seek and partner with reliable vendors and suppliers.
  • Determine quantity and timing of deliveries.
  • Monitor and forecast upcoming levels of demand.


1/1/2011- 1/1/2012:  Hospital Saydet Zgharta (H.S.Z)-Lebanon

Job Title:                  Assistant Head of Procurement

                            (Reporting to Procurement Manager)

Job description:

  • Assists with preparing formal bid documents for items and services for the purpose of ensuring that material are in compliance with all state procurement regulations.
  • Informs other staff and vendors regarding procedural requirements for the purpose of facilitating the purchasing process with established practices.
  • Maintains purchasing documents, files and records for the purpose of ensuring the availability of documentation and compliance with established policies.
  • Processes financial data and documents for the purpose of updating and distributing information and acquiring resources to support purchasing operation in compliance with established guidelines.
  • Processes requisitions into approved purchase orders for the purpose of updating and distributing information and acquiring resources in compliance with established guidelines.
  • Responds to inquiries of staff and administration regarding purchasing procedures for the purpose of providing information, direction and referral for addressing inquiry.
  • Reviews documents and data for the purpose of ensuring completeness and accuracy of purchasing process.


2010:        USM catering – Mkaless - Beirut

Job Title: Stock Controller

           (Reporting to Procurement Manager)

Job description:

  • Ensure all inventory and stock management systems are maintained accurately, within the agreed parameters and in a timely manner.
  • Responsibility for purchasing and the “in-stock” levels within the agreed inventory parameters.
  • Purchase inventory within the agreed budgets.
  • Maintain a process for returns. Manage a defined area in the storeroom for returns/credits.
  • Maintain harmonious working relationship with Suppliers/Vendors.
  • Oversee and assume responsibility for the POS system and the Electronic Ordering Systems.
  • Observe and control the correct buying rules and protocols.
  • Observe and control correct stock receiving protocols.
  • Complete all necessary stock takes.
  • Maintain the storeroom and the allocation of space for stock.
  • Comply with our required personal grooming standards.
  • Maintain store/merchandising standards as described in our merchandising standards.
  • Comply with all aspects of the Standard Operating Procedures manual.
  • Other work as directed by the Retail Manager/Business Owner.


2009:   Safi For Accounting Tripoli Internship, Tripoli.

Job description:

  • Processing Employee expense reports, verifying expenses are within the company guidelines.
  • Invoice creation and distribution when required.
  • Filing and records retention.
  • Assisting with Monthly and Year End tasks.


Summer 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008:   

Ehden Natural Reserve Touristic guide.


Computer Skills 


  • Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet
  • Excellent in typing both Arabic & English




English (fluent), French (fluent) and Arabic (fluent)


The Syndicate of Hospitals vision is of a society of healthy populations where all individuals have access to a premium quality of healthcare services.


The mission of the Syndicate of Hospitals is to ensure high quality services to all individuals and to promote Lebanon as a referral center for tertiary health care in the Middle East. The syndicate represents and serves private hospitals, and works in partnership with stakeholders that are committed to improve and protect health.

Board and Administration

The General Assembly, which is composed of all the members, elects periodically an Administrative Council composed of 12 members to act as the governing body of the Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon. From within its members, the Administrative Council elects an Executive Committee composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. There are also Standing Committees for:

  • Legal studies and hospital ethics.
  • Financial, economic and statistical studies.
  • Information and scientific affairs.
  • Professional medical and paramedical staff.
  • Hospitals for long stay.

The Syndicate of Hospitals also comprises an Administration body, a Legal Counselor, a Media Consultant and a Research and development Coordinator


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