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Feb. 20, 2018
A highly motivated and competent candidate is looking for a job opportunity- CV attached

Nehme Sawaya

Dhour El Choueir, Main Road | +961 76-956031 |




To gain quality first-hand experience and knowledge while preparing for a Master's Degree.

Future objectives: to reach a position where I can influence positive change on a community scale level and the empowerment of Public Health and Development Sciences and Public Interest.


High School Diploma, June 2012, International School of Choueifat – Abu Dhabi.

B.Sc. in Public Health and Development Sciences, 2017, University of Balamand, Lebanon.


  • Data Collection and Analysis.

  • Occupational health and safety risk assessment.

  • Preparation of Training Plans.

  • Monitoring, Inspection, and Evaluation.

  • Research and report writing.

  • Good Communication skills and Customer Relations.

  • Languages: Fluency in English and Arabic.

  • Computer Literacy: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Accounting and Record Keeping.

Work Experience

American University of Beirut

Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management Department

2016-2017 (20 Working Days)

  • Assistance in the development of two University policies on: Greening IT and Zero Waste Policy – Sustainable Waste Management.

  • Assistance in developing a matrix of Personal Protective Equipment required for different occupations within the physical plant department.

  • Safety inspections on construction sites and workshops.

  • Developing reports on different construction/renovation sites’ non-compliance with occupational health and safety rules and regulations and advice on possible methods of improvement.


    2017-2018 (40 Working Days)

  • Assistance in the development of the Carbon Footprint assessment of the American University of Beirut; involved research regarding Carbon Footprint measurements, emission factors, equivalents, and other related components, data collection, data analysis, and report writing.

  • Assistance in developing a Training Plan for the workshops work force regarding occupational safety.

  • Research on different topics related to Occupational Health and Hygiene of workshops, construction sites, and laboratories.

  • Data Analysis of a Survey results aiming at assessing student, faculty, and staff preferences with regards to certain waste reduction strategies in dining areas at AUB.

  • Safety inspections on construction sites, workshops and laboratories.

  • Developing reports on different construction/renovation sites’ and laboratory non-compliance with occupational health and safety rules and regulations and advice on possible methods of improvement.

  • Occupational Risk Assessment of physical plant workshops at the American University of Beirut.


RATCO Pharmacy

Full Time Assistant under the supervision of the owner pharmacist Dr. Alaa Rahbani

2015-2016 (8 months)

  • Record Keeping and Accounting.

  • Communication and Customer Relations.







  1. Dr. Laurie Abi Habib

Coordinator of the Public Health Program at the University of Balamand, Faculty of Health Sciences




  1. Mrs. Samar Khalil


    Environmental and Chemical Safety Officer at the American University of Beirut





  2. Dr. Alaa Rahbani


    Owner of RATCO Pharmacy; Pharmacist Dr. Alaa Rahbani


    Address: Dhour Gate Building, Main road, Al-Ayroun al-Matn, Lebanon

    Contact: +9614 390 249






The Syndicate of Hospitals vision is of a society of healthy populations where all individuals have access to a premium quality of healthcare services.


The mission of the Syndicate of Hospitals is to ensure high quality services to all individuals and to promote Lebanon as a referral center for tertiary health care in the Middle East. The syndicate represents and serves private hospitals, and works in partnership with stakeholders that are committed to improve and protect health.

Board and Administration

The General Assembly, which is composed of all the members, elects periodically an Administrative Council composed of 12 members to act as the governing body of the Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon. From within its members, the Administrative Council elects an Executive Committee composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. There are also Standing Committees for:

  • Legal studies and hospital ethics.
  • Financial, economic and statistical studies.
  • Information and scientific affairs.
  • Professional medical and paramedical staff.
  • Hospitals for long stay.

The Syndicate of Hospitals also comprises an Administration body, a Legal Counselor, a Media Consultant and a Research and development Coordinator


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