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Jul. 31, 2014
Hopital Hayek : We are selling our CT Scanner in very good working condition.

We are selling our CT Scanner in very good working condition.
Please find below all the necessary informations.
Please contact this number for any informations: Mr Benard Makdisi 70/136599

specs :

CT scan
Brand: Neusoft
Model : Neuviz dual
Mfg date: 2008

  • 0.8s full 360° scanning, 0.9s reconstruction time and 0.8mm minimum slice thickness;
  • A wide portfolio of clinical applications;
  • 2X10mm dual slice GOS solid detector;
  • Auto film and auto sending make image processing more convenient;
  • 2X10mm dual slice, high efficiency detector;
  • Powerful generator and high heat capacity X-ray tube provide excellent spiral scanning ability and extra stability;
  • Optimal dosage control and low dose scanning protocol for children;
  • Comprehensive standard and optional software packages adapt to a wide range of basal and advanced clinical diagnoses;
  • DICOM Standard 3.0 interface.
  • New tube installed(<6months).
  • Mfg date: 2008


The Syndicate of Hospitals vision is of a society of healthy populations where all individuals have access to a premium quality of healthcare services.


The mission of the Syndicate of Hospitals is to ensure high quality services to all individuals and to promote Lebanon as a referral center for tertiary health care in the Middle East. The syndicate represents and serves private hospitals, and works in partnership with stakeholders that are committed to improve and protect health.

Board and Administration

The General Assembly, which is composed of all the members, elects periodically an Administrative Council composed of 12 members to act as the governing body of the Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon. From within its members, the Administrative Council elects an Executive Committee composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. There are also Standing Committees for:

  • Legal studies and hospital ethics.
  • Financial, economic and statistical studies.
  • Information and scientific affairs.
  • Professional medical and paramedical staff.
  • Hospitals for long stay.

The Syndicate of Hospitals also comprises an Administration body, a Legal Counselor, a Media Consultant and a Research and development Coordinator


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