Mar. 29, 2016



حسب الاتفاقية الموقعة بين الجامعة اللبنانية وشركة Gates،تتقاضى الشركة من كل طالب مقبول من خارج الجامعة اللبنانية مبلغ 13000$ على سنتين بالإضافة الى رسوم التسجيل المعتمدة في الجامعة اللبنانية.

This program aims to train healthcare managers and to provide them with professional skills and practical tools that fit to the booming and rapidly-changing healthcare market, in addition to the academic background it supplies.

It’s proven that the gate to sustainable development is capacity building of motivated human resources. Consequently, this program is committed to supporting not only the upper managers, but also the middle - managers, trainers, and all healthcare professionals with innovative, value - added skills and tools to lead in their key positions. The main objectives of this program include:

        Understanding the healthcare systems and their components.

        Acquiring a customized financial knowledge that is basic for day to day operations and important for strategic forecasts.

        Attaining all the ABC of all the subjects and skills pertaining to quality management from inception to implementation.

        Building up skills to act as a future leader in the healthcare fields.

        Knowing how to control operations through establishing performance indicators (KPIs) and setting up standards.




Healthcare Management

                    Providing the knowledge and skills required for planning, organization, leading and control in health care settings.

                    Demonstrating basic financial and managerial accounting issues in healthcare organization, analyzing financial statements and integrate planning and budgeting processes as effective management tools.

                    Examining the broad environmental trends and their strategic implications before any marketing activity or service is put in place.

                    Applying major statistical techniques and methods that are necessary to analyze scientific data and make meaningful and valid conclusions.

                    Understanding strategic planning and project management fundamentals.



Quality Management

        Understanding the basic elements of quality improvement and organizational responsibilities related to quality in health care delivery.

        Analyzing hazards and risk management in a changing and developing environment.

        Understanding the discipline of patient safety and its role in minimizing the incidence and impact of adverse events.

        Understanding the methodology of creating standards and for implementing quality management systems in healthcare.

        Understanding the methods used in the prevention/reduction of risks at hospitals.



Advanced Hospital Management

        Learning how to develop and implement effective research programs.

        Learning how to gather data, analyze results and report finding and conclusions in both oral and written forms.

        Getting familiarized with the functional design and the technical platform in hospitals in order to deliver a safe, efficient and up-to-date care level to the patient.

        Employing the appropriate tools for each type of EPP project.

        Understanding the basic components, structure concepts and terminology of hospital information systems.

        Understanding the basic concepts of economics.

        Examining the applicability of legal, business and ethical practices on the influencing elements of the healthcare industry.



Recruitment: Applications are reviewed by an admission committee. The best candidates are selected after interview

Required Level:

                    A level equivalent to a bachelor degree (minimum) in any domain related to healthcare.

                    A level equivalent to a bachelor degree (minimum) in any other domain + 3 years of experience in healthcare management.




This program is focused on training future healthcare professionals working in hospitals, universities and healthcare organizations. It is a versatile program that opens many opportunities such as:

        Quality Manager in Hospitals or any other healthcare organizations.

        Healthcare manager (Infection control, OH & S, Evaluation of Professional Practices and other fields).

        Trainer in Quality and Healthcare Management.

        Consultant in Quality and Healthcare Management.

        Quality Auditor.



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